Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Application

This series of presses is a general-purpose hydraulic press, also known as universal hydraulic press. It is suitable for the stretching, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, punching and other processes of metal materials. It is also suitable for calibration, press-fit, powder products, abrasive products. Molding and press molding of plastic products and SMC materials.

The working pressure, pressing speed and stroke of the machine can be adjusted within the specified parameters according to the process requirements. This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, which can realize adjustment (jog), manual, semi-automatic (work), and three operation modes. It can realize two pressing methods: constant pressure and fixed stroke


■ Press bldy Integral forged 45# steel, quenching and tempering

■ High efficient, convenient and safe operation

■ High quality steel plate welded with accuracy and stability 

■ Multi-rod design ensures the depth and shape of the pressed product


Machine parameters

YL32-2000T three beams four columns pressing machine technical parameters
1. Nominal power:. KN 10000
2.Liquid Work Force: Mpa 25
3 sliders effective stroke:. Mm1500
4 Bed Area: mm around 2000 × 1500
5 The maximum opening height: mm2000
6Empty drive fast drop speed: mm / s 260
7 Slow down speed:. Mm / s35
8 pressing speed:. Mm / s 12
9 Return Speed: mm / s90
10 Motor power:. Kw 7.5

Main Features

Hydraulic cylinder technology
(1)Bottom, steel cylinder, piston, piston rod overall forging, material: 45 # steel

(2)sets of piston guide, support guide ring inlaid Note phosphor bronze instead of the traditional nylon material, which greatly improves the stability and wear resistance oriented

(3)Rod from the nitriding, carburizing surface, depth: 0.03mm ~ 0.04mm, hard chrome plating, thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.05mm

(4)column with 45 # carbon steel, quenching and tempering treatment, surface hardening treatment, hard chrome plating thickness 0.04mm ~ 0.05mm

Machine structure
Body of the beam, moving beam, lower beam, consisting of six columns. De-stress treatment, block 45 # forgings. 50 # forged steel rod ion nitriding. Hardness HRC45-50